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Fall 2020
Painting Personal and Powerful
Tuesdays, 6:30-10pm September 8-December 15, 2020
Designed for students who have some painting experience and wish to develop their work. Participants consider content, composition/format, color, surface, materials, and craft while exploring aspects of painting that interest them the most (e.g., experimentation with materials, conceptual and technical approaches, observational work). Individual attention and group discussions of student work and contemporary and historical painting practices enhance studio work. Assignments are tailored for those who want more structure or direction.

Summer 2020

Fluid Light
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August 10 – 14 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10 – 11:30am
Wednesday: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Friday: 10am–12:30pm
5 sessions

The natural wolrd has always been a potent source of visual imagery. We will respond to the environment by looking deeply and translating what we observe into line, shape, value and hue. Working first with ink washes and then watercolor we will simplify complex vistas into distinct shapes of specific value and hue. A series of exercises will enhance fluency with the medium and deepen our understanding of color mixing and compositional strategies. Each day a one-sitting painting will be completed. This course is ideal for those people new to watercolor or those with some experience.

Painting the Energy in Nature FULL
Art New England Workshops, Clinton, NY
July 19 - 25, 2020 Sunday - Saturday
Sunday 6pm-9-m, Mondy-Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 9am-noon
Those who have painted outdoors many times or those doing so for the first time are welcome to join this outdoor painting experience meant to enrich your painting practice.
We will work to simplify the complex vistas of the natural world into shapes of specific value and hue, starting with a series of exercises to encourage rapid work with large brushes and palette knives. Over the week students will complete six one-sitting paintings. The week will begin with a discussion of the issues, tools and procedures unique to painting outdoors and an image presentation of the work of contemporary and historical landscape painters. The shaded paths of Hamilton College’s Arboretum will provide a perfect site for out study. All mediums are welcome.