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Summer 2021
Color Rules
Art New England Workshops,  On-Line
July 11-17, 2021

Color Rules! It does, absolutely, but there are NO rules, no formulas, no tricks. There is intention — getting color to say what you want it to say. In this intensive workshop we consider basic color concepts such as value, hue, and saturation and learn how to manipulate them to energize our work. Working with color divorced from representation, as well as color from observation, we will build color relationships with acrylic gouache on paper, working toward an understanding of how color functions and building a personal color vocabulary. This workshop is meant for anyone working with color: painters, designers, architects, etc.

Fluid Light
Truro Center for the Arts at Castle,Hill On-line
August 9 – 13
Monday - Friday
August 9 - 13
1pm - 3pm (EST)
5 sessions on Zoom

The natural wolrd has always been a potent source of visual imagery. We will respond to the environment by looking deeply and translating what we observe into line, shape, value and hue. Working first with ink washes and then watercolor we will simplify complex vistas into distinct shapes of specific value and hue. A series of exercises will enhance fluency with the medium and deepen our understanding of color mixing and compositional strategies. Each day a one-sitting painting will be completed. This course is ideal for those people new to watercolor or those with some experience.